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Ningbo Klinsmann Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd

Address : No.377, Yayuan South Rd, Shiqi Industrial Zone ,Yinzhou District , Ningbo 315100,Zhejiang, China

Tel : 0086-574-88207093

E-mail: klinsmannco@gmail.com

E-mail: sales@klinsmannco.com

About Us

NINGBO KLINSMANN INTELLIGENT TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD, is grew out of electric tools and body massage products.and have various experience in electric and intelligent area .


  In 2008, The boss of Klinsmann , John Zhu found that his Mother and wife spent too much time in cleaning house , and because of heavy housework , they can not enjoy family time and have lots of body pain after housework. So he thought how to release their hands and have more time to enjoy family life ,even have time to recovery their body, then Klinsmann robot vacuum cleaner came out.


Woman is the most important person in a family . in China , Women are know as Half of the world “ ,they take care of family , Children , and the Older ,  if we can gave more care and love to them , the family should be have more happiness.  So Klinsmann want to let our robot vacuum cleaner join in and work for more and more family . we would like to see more and more happiness smile on the face of our users.


Klinsmann devoted to the development of robot vacuum cleaner. Klinsmann have huge changes in outlook and functions.


From the 2008 , Klinsmann grew up day by day . start from a simple dust cleaner to intelligent robot .


Today , Klinsmann is 3 in 1 with sucking , dry & wet mopping , and sweeping functions ,also have intelligent IP , smart body , automatic cleaning , and different cleaning modes .

Klinsmann solved many cleaner robots who can not cleaning the area near the wall . Klinsmann have “wall -follow  mode” for choose . really released hands.


Klinsmann can recharge automatically if low power .


Klinsmann can make a cleaning schedule by mobile if you are out for travel or business .


Klinsmann can make cleaning plan to sweeping more coverage of house.


Klinsmann is very smart, as high as a credit card .


Klinsmann is very strong ,we have big dust box and water tang ,can clean dust , key , screw and grain etc .


Klinsmann is very clever , we can use our intelligent system to protect ourselves to avoid collision and anti-fall.

     Klinsmann is very quite, low noise, less than 60db , and will not going to the area

And  till now we remain 3 types of hot sell robot vacuum cleaners on line , and they are so cute and intelligent to satisfy with all most all the users.

We hope Klinsmann can join in your life , change your life and perfect your life like a man love his mother , wife and children .

Klinsmann , we would like to be the symbol of quality life of Family forever!

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Address : No.377, Yayuan South Rd, Shiqi Industrial Zone ,Yinzhou District , Ningbo 315100,Zhejiang, China


E-mail: klinsmannco@gmail.com

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